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LaVar Ball to NFL Players: Stand Or Find New League!

LaVar Ball to NFL Players: Stand Or Find New League! More LaVar Ball To NFL Players: Stand Or Find New League! 1 6/2/2018 12:50 AM PDT LaVar Ball has weighed in on the NFL’s national anthem policy and it’s not exactly what you’d expect. It’s their league. If you don’t want to do it, get out their league.Don’t get it twisted, Ball says he thinks the NFL has gone too far in requiring players on the field to stand… but says the NFL has the right to create and enforce their own policies. That’s why I got my own league,Ball tells TMZ Sports… Do what I want.Ball is referring to his new junior basketball league, the JBA which he plans on running himself. So, what’s LaVar’s policy on the national anthem going to be in his league?

The astrologer-investor said he recognizes many people are skeptical of zodiac-inspired investments. But he said more traders rely on astrology to invest than many people realize. He estimated 20 percent of investors at large firms make decisions based on horoscopes — a figure based on his own hunches about human nature rather than a formal survey. More than half of young adults believe astrology is a science. Merriman himself has more than 1,000 clients and has been in the business for more than 40 years.

It doesn’t worry me that this is one of the best-kept secrets at this time, he said. If you look at the correlation of planetary cycles with human activity, you’d be amazed.

Annabel Gat, an International Society for Astrological Research-certified astrologer who writes for VICE media women’s website Broadly, recently encouraged readers to explore cryptocurrencies as Uranus moves into Taurus this week.

Matthews said in a tweet that he will have surgery on his bustednose after the swelling goes down.

Matthews is entering his 10th season with the Packers and has missed only six regular-season games over the past four seasons. The veteran linebacker is the final season of a five-year deal in Green Bay.

I don’t want him to take no pounding at all. I don’t want him to get in his head, Johnson said. I already understand the significance of that, just try to protect him as much as I can.

In retirement, Johnson said he has been able to satisfy some of his competitive juices through business, where he, Sims and Strayhorn have a start-up, Locker Room Consulting, that helps athletes manage and invest their money by connecting them with business professionals across the area.

He also consults as a receivers coach occasionally, last year he visited the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins, has a handful of rental properties and is branching into commercial real estate development.

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Brissett last year did an admirable job filling in for Luck, given he arrived via trade from the Patriots right before the season.

In Hoyer, Brady has one of the best backups of his career. Although the Patriots didn’t use a high draft pick on a surefire successor, there are a lot of things Etling does well that can be developed under Josh McDaniels.

Roethlisberger should get a little rejuvenation from the Steelers taking Rudolph as his possible heir apparent. Jones remains more than serviceable, but since he will be a free agent in 2019, the team should give Dobbs a shot to push him for the backup role.

Rivers watched another draft in which the Chargers didn’t pick his replacement, reaffirming that they think he has plenty left in the tank with a playoff-contending team around him again. Smith has turned into a solid No. 2, while Jones is in a good spot to keep tuning his big arm.

There’s no Colin Kaepernick here, but Wilson, who has yet to miss a start in his six-year NFL career despite his share of nicks, has a decent backup with starting experience in Davis. Between the rookie seventh-round draftee McGough and Morris, there’s more upside than you think.

Likes to shoot first. Or last. Or not at all. Has issues with accuracy and consistency. Can’t do anything Solo.

The best creepy monkey-lizard on the board.

He snuck into the No. 25 pick of the first round, but the Redskins chose to roll with Mark Brunell and Patrick Ramsey ahead of him as a rookie. In Year 2, Washington went with Brunell until it decided to promote Campbell in November.

Much like Smith, Campbell went through a slew of coordinators and didn’t have any scheme consistency early in his career. He developed into a checkdown-happy player, erring on the side of not pushing the ball downfield enough.

The Titans thought about sitting Young as a rookie, but Kerry Collins was awful through the first three games, prompting them to let loose the more dynamic athlete coming off a college national title run.

He rested on the athleticism too much because the efficiency and durability kept taking huge hits.

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Dave McKenna Journal file photo

He also led the team to a Hoerner Cup championship in 2005 before stepping away for two years. Boehm returned for a second stint in 2007 and coached six seasons before stepping down.

In 2016, he was inducted into the New Jersey High School Ice Hockey Hall of Fame. Boehm will make $7,844 on top of his salary as a teacher.

He was the subject of an ongoing investigation by the state police, but the status of that investigation was not immediately available.

Brancatella and Lewkowitz, meanwhile, were subject to disciplinary action, sources said, but they were not terminated and will remain employed as teachers and assistant coaches.

If the star wide receiver skips the final four OTAs in Week 3, it will raise the level of will-he or won’t-he around whether Beckham shows up for a mandatory minicamp June 12-14.

If he doesn’t, the Giants could fine him about $70,000 under NFL rules. If he does, order will appear restored… for now.

Johnson said he kept his pending retirement secret from all but his family members during the 2015 season, though he did kind of let his fellow receivers in on his plans.

I remember there was a couple guys that retired right after the basketball season and I was telling the guys in the lunch room all the time, I was like, ‘Man, I’m done after this season,’ Johnson said. But they thought I was bullshitting them. And (when I finally retired) they were like, ‘Dog, you was for real the whole time, huh?’

Johnson closed his NFL career with a 10-catch, 137-yard, one-touchdown performance in a win over the Chicago Bears, and said Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford somehow caught wind of his plans before the game.

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