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Jets land their Plan B: Intriguing Bridgewater, thrilled McCown

The Jets saw top free agent quarterback target Kirk Cousins go to the Vikings on Tuesday for a record-breaking contract. They moved on to their fallback option agreeing on a deal to bring back Josh McCown and another deal to sign former Vikings first-round pick Teddy Bridgewater.

The Jets were all-in on Cousins and made him a big offer on Monday, believed to be more than the three-year, $84 million fully guaranteed deal he got from the Vikings. But once he decided to visit Minnesota first, the Jets knew they were out. Cousins can officially sign the contract on Wednesday when the new league year opens.

Bridgewater is a fascinating signing. Since suffering a gruesome knee injury in August 2016, Bridgewater has not played other than some garbage time at the end of Week 15 in December.

The 25-year-old could be a steal for the Jets if he recovers from the knee injury. He was a first-round pick of the Vikings in 2014 and made the Pro Bowl in 2015, a season in which the Vikings went to the playoffs.

The two sat next to each other for the match, and were seen shaking hands and chatting while taking in the action.

Beckham, 42, who is bringing a team of his own to Miami, was also seen talking with the president of the Paris team, Nasser Al Khelaifi, and his former Manchester United teammate Gary Neville.

Hadid, 21, was in the City of Light for Paris Fashion Week.

Both of the stars also posted footage of the game on their Instagram stories.

NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. and DJ Snake were also seen at the match.

With Melky Cabrera at the plate, Clippard threw a wild pitch and then issued another walk to load the bases. Then, with Jose Abreu up, Clippard got ahead, 0-2 and Sanchez went to the mound for visit number five.

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Christian Kirk credits liver shakes with helping keep him healthy

Texas A&M receiver Christian Kirk insists the liver shakes he drinks for recovery don’t taste bad. Of course, he doesn’t say they taste good either.

The fact that it also contains protein, spinach, vegetables and fruit makes you just want to run out and get one, doesn’t it?

I didn’t miss any games my whole entire college career, but my freshman year about game five or six, that’s when the hits really started taking a toll and my body was just kind of getting used to it, Kirk said. So I’d be dinged up here and there, and I just had to find some way to be able to get 100 percent. So that’s when the acupuncture, the cold tub, the cupping and changing my diet gave me a lot more energy, the stretching. I really just dove into that and pretty much became obsessed with it, and it helped me a lot and really credit it to not missing any games when I was at A&M.

Kirk already is a pro’s pro. He measured 5-10 3/8 at the NFL Scouting Combine, so other than questioning whether Kirk is too small to play as an outside receiver, scouts are sold on him.

Over the weekend, ESPN reported the final four teams for Cousins are expected to be the Jets, Vikings, Broncos and Cardinals. A surprise team could still emerge, but at the moment those four look like the biggest contenders. We are taking a look at the pros and cons of each team as they prepare to woo Cousins.

The argument for: The Jets have the most financial flexibility to go after Cousins with a big offer. The projections have been $30 million per season and about $90 million in the first three years. The Jets can handle that with all of the cap space they have plus the lack of big contracts coming up for the team. They are going to benefit here from the poor drafting they did between 2012-14. They don’t have any of their own free agents who will command long-term, big-money deals until Leonard Williams, who does not become a free agent until 2020. That gives them cap flexibility not only this year, but for the next few years.

The Jets will also argue that they are a team on the rise after tearing down their roster last year. They will make Cousins feel wanted, something he reportedly desires after a few tough years in Washington.

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Nick Foles gets payment today that has been guaranteed for a year

The fifth day of the league year typically triggers plenty of salary guarantees and roster bonuses in player contracts. (For that reason, you’ll see urgent tweets that make these known-for-a-year transactions seem like breaking news.)

For Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, it’s been known since he rejoined the Eagles as a free agent that he has a $3 million roster bonus due today. It’s not a reward for winning the Super Bowl. It’s a payment that was negotiated when he signed with the Eagles last year, and it became fully guaranteed five days after the signed the contract on March 13, 2017, based on a breakdown of the deal obtained by PFT last year.

He may not have a say in the matter, and he could end up being relegated to continuing to be the No. 1 guy until Wentz is ready to go. The extra game or two (or more) of film could come in handy next year, when Foles definitely becomes a free agent again, unless he signs a new contract with the Eagles before then.

Regardless, the contract he signed a year ago gives him $3 million now. Nothing he accomplished in the past year would have changed that.

The Colts have slow-played things so far, but they have also brought Ravens center Ryan Jensen in for a visit and signed Raiders defensive end Denico Autry.

Whether it’s a tight end or wide receiver, the Saints need another reliable target to pair with Michael Thomas and Ted Ginn Jr. That’s why they made a serious run at TE Jimmy Graham before the money got too high for them and why they lined up a visit with WR Jordy Nelson before he chose the Raiders. The Saints especially need a possession receiver they can trust on third downs. Although they had the No. 2 offense in the NFL overall, they were a very uncharacteristic 19th in third-down conversion rate. — Mike Triplett

The Bucs signed three defensive linemen, Beau Allen, Mitch Unrein and Vinny Curry. And while they still need more help on the edge, that’s likely not going to come until the draft due to what’s available on the market. At cornerback, they re-signed Brent Grimes, but it’s a one-year deal, and they still need someone to start opposite him if Vernon Hargreaves is going to continue lining up at nickeback. E.J. Gaines is still available. At safety, they re-signed Keith Tandy to a one-year deal and picked up the option on Chris Conte’s deal, but they need a true upgrade opposite second-year er Justin Evans. There are still a lot of quality ers available, including Tre Boston, Eric Reid, Morgan Burnett and Ron Parker. — Jenna Laine

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