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Lakers are viewed as a ‘soft team’ according to coach Luke Walton

The Lakers lost another game Tuesday night as they now hold the second-worst record in the NBA. After falling to the Mavericks, coach Luke Walton said his team isn’t very intimidating.

“We still haven’t truly figured out how to make teams uncomfortable,” Walton Cheap Dodgers Jerseys said. “I think teams feel like when they play us right now, that we’re kind of a soft team, that they can come in and get their offensive numbers against us.

It was a rare peek into the private life of one of sports’ most public figures.

“I am addicted to the process. I’m addicted to the process,” James said. “It’s so funny. I just told my wife the other day, I apologized to her. She was like ‘What are you apologizing for?’ I said ‘Because the journey that I’m on to want to be the greatest to ever play this game or to the point where no one ever forgets what I accomplished, I’ve at times lost the fact of how important you are to this whole thing. … I want you to understand that along this journey while I’m playing this game there will be times that I lose the fact of how important you and my three kids are – my babies are.’”

James married his high-school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson, in 2013. The couple has two sons, LeBron Jr. (12), and Bryce (9), both burgeoning hoops stars in their own right, and a two-year-old Cheap DUKe Basketball Jerseys daughter named Zhuri.

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Dave Stallworth, Wichita State star and key member of ’70 Knicks title team, dead at 75

Dave Stallworth, an All-American at Wichita State and key contributor on the Knicks’ 1970 NBA championship team, died Wednesday in Wichita, Kan. He was 75.

Durant is expected back this weekend. The two-time NBA MVP Curry has found his range again after a perplexing slump earlier this year. Klay Thompson erupted for 41 points against the Timberwolves. Make no mistake, this is still the team to beat in the NBA playoffs. Prediction site gives the Warriors a 59 percent chance of winning the NBA title. The Spurs are second at 16 percent.

Anthony Davis likes playing the Nuggets. He had 50 points against the Nuggets Cheap China Jerseys earlier this season, and he dropped 41 on them Tuesday night (on 18-of-31 shooting). Unfortunately for him, the Pelicans lost, 134-131.

Lance Stephenson almost started a brawl between the Pacers and Raptors when he dribbled down the court and scored an uncontested layup with the Pacers leading by 15 with 3 seconds remaining. Even the analysts working the game called it a “chump move.”

Heat (37-4) vs. Hornets (36-42), 7 p.m. ET Both the Heat and Hornets are fighting for the No. 8 seed in the East, currently held by the Pacers. The Heat are a half game behind the Pacers, the Hornets two games. A loss here by either team could effectively spell Cheap Custom NFL Jerseys the end for their playoff hopes.

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Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis climbing historical lists with latest feats

Russell Westbrook made a big step towards history Saturday during a 112-104 win against the Jazz.

The mercurial guard lit up Utah for 33 points, 14 assists and 11 rebounds to record his 32nd triple-double of the season. Westbrook now has the second most triple-doubles ever recorded in one NBA regular season.

Westbrook’s latest offensive outburst moved him past Wilt Chamberlain. He is still nine triple-doubles short of tying Oscar Robertson’s record of 41.

As great as Westbrook can be, he also has an ugly, inefficient side to his game. The Thunder star shot just 9 of 26 from the field Saturday night, while making just 3 of 10 from 3-point range.

Westbrook has free reign to do whatever he wants offensively on this team. That setup will allow him to win some games and certainly lose some game. He is always entertaining, though.

Pelicans power forward Anthony Davis scored 46 points with 21 rebounds in a 125-122 overtime win against the Hornets. He now has three 40-20 games this season, which is the most by any active player. In the last 30 years, only Shaquille O’Neal had more (four).

Hawks shooting: Atlanta lost 107-92 at home to the lowly Nets thanks to shooting New York Giants Cheap Jerseys an astonishing 35 percent from the floor. The Hawks, who were led by Dwight Howard’s 19 points and 16 NBA Jerseys Wholesale rebounds, shot just 18.5 percent from beyond the arc.

Cavaliers (47-25) at Spurs (56-15), 8 p.m. ET — When Cleveland and San Antonio meet up it’s always an enticing matchup, but we don’t trust either of these teams to play all their stars. Assuming everyone is on the court, this is a potential Finals showdown against two great defensive teams.

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Iman Shumpert on 2015 Knicks trade: Cavs ‘grabbed me out of hell’

In the 2014-2015 season the Cavs plucked Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith out of New York and turned them into key pieces of their title-contending franchise.

In an interview with HoopsHype, which looked at several former NBA trades, Shumpert opened up about his feelings after the deal went down. At first he wasn’t overly excited because he wanted to finish what he started, but then he realized the blessing it turned out to be.

“I was never the new kid in school or anything, so this was the closest thing for me to changing schools and going through that. For me, it would’ve been cool if [things ended differently with the Knicks]. I was hurt when I got traded, so it would’ve been cool for me if I had at least gotten to play my last games with them. I was sitting out for like a month and by the time I got traded, it was a deflating USA Basketball Cheap Jerseys feeling, especially with that season that we were having.

“I just think the Big Three sitting down and getting on the same page of understanding what they need from each other on a nightly basis and understanding that they have to trust each other and also trust the team. We had that talk in front of everyone and everyone kind of gave their opinion and kind of talked about what they expected and what we needed to do better. I think from that day on, we kind of took off and we became a better team.”

Can a similar forum have the same effect in 2017? Lue, along with the rest of the team, probably hopes so. LeBron James, who quickly left the locker room and talked before the coach (which is rare), was candid by saying, “We’re just in a bad spot right now.”

James continued: “I’m never one to shortcut the process. It’s all Vip Cheap Jerseys part of the process. It’s what I live by, that’s how I built my career, so tomorrow’s another day. It’s another opportunity, but we’ve got some work to do. We don’t have a lot of time.”

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Derek Fisher is one of the most interesting outfielders on the U.S. roster

Brendan Rodgers was the first high school player selected in the 2015 MLB Draft, taken third overall by the Rockies. The middle infielder displays above-average strength and bat speed for his position. In the Single-A California League this season, he boasted a stat line of .400/.419/.700.

Bo Bichette has big-league family ties; he’s the son Cheap Team Jerseys of four-time All-Star Dante Bichette and the brother of Yankees minor leaguer Dante Bichette Jr. Bo Bichette defines himself as an advanced power hitter, and the numbers bear that out: a .388/.448/.633 slash line, 45 extra-base hits and 51 RBIs in 68 games for Single-A Lansing in 2017. Bo Bichette also won the Under Armour All-American Game Home Run Derby in Chicago. The Blue Jays may shift him from the middle infield to third base or left field when his time comes, but his power can impact any lineup wherever he plays.

Derek Fisher is one of the most interesting outfielders on the U.S. roster. He struck out 286 times in 252 games in his first two full pro seasons, but he also managed 43 home runs and 59 steals. Fisher has perhaps the best true power in the Astros’ organization. He has the speed to play center field but his arm is weak for the position. He played almost exclusively in left field during a weeklong stint with the Astros in mid-June.

Betances threw a scoreless eighth inning in Monday’s 6-3 win over Toronto, and told Sporting News that it definitely felt good mentally to have success, even though he said he’s still not all the way back to where he feels he needs to be mechanically.

“I haven’t been really getting shelled, but the walks have been hurting me. But it is what it is, they’re there,” Betances said. “I can’t do anything about it. I just gotta go out there, believe in myself and try to get guys out.”

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NBA trade rumors: For teams chasing Paul George, Lakers problem persists

When it comes to the hunt for Pacers forward Paul George, Laker-phobia still reigns, and is still complicating the team’s efforts to move him.

Indiana general manager Kevin Pritchard is trying to Cheap Soccer Jerseys Kids spin some gold out of the straw that George left for him when it hit the media last week that George was bent on heading to LA. It’s tough to trade a guy when the perception sticks that he wants to be elsewhere, one way or the other. George is a free agent next summer, and originally told the Pacers (twice) that he wants to go home to Southern California.

No one’s forgetting that, much as the Pacers would like them to.

But it has not stopped teams like the Cavaliers (willing to offer Kevin Love, likely as part of a three-team deal) and Celtics (who own, potentially, two top-five picks in next year’s draft) from engaging in serious talks with the Pacers about George. And there are still darkhorses in the George Cheap Spirit Jerseys race, like the Spurs, Clippers and Rockets.

Combining Donald and J.J. Watt would give the Texans potentially the greatest defensive line pass rush the NFL has ever seen. In 2015, the last year both were healthy, they combined for 28.5 sacks and 145 tackles. Opposing offensive lines would look like the remnants of a bee hive after a bear attack. Plus, the blockers they’d occupy would create the space Jadeveon Clowney needs to feast.

In this scenario, Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie protests the team’s move to Las Vegas through internal, and obvious, sabotage. Mack and Von Miller, each former NFL Defensive Players of the Year, would create so much stress that non-Bronco offensive tackles unionize to protest their team-up. It would be a terrible year to be Philip Rivers’ ACLs; he’d spend at least two Sundays each year facing those two.

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Watching Fisher get fired last season was kind of my moon landing as a longtime Rams fan

Since then, the company has signed former NBA lottery pick and Chinese Basketball Association star Jimmer Fredette as the face of its hoops division. While the 361-Mazer is its only high-performance hoops offering at the moment, the low-top released in 2016, which shines from a form, fit and function perspective, could be a building block for things to come.

LOOK GOOD: The 361-Mazer comes in four colorways, black/chi (think Bulls’ black and red), midnight/vibrant (think Michigan blue and maize), black/silver (think Raiders) and grapes/silver (pictured above). For my taste, the ladder was the only real option. Straight up, those joints are popping. In Cheap Quality NFL Jerseys fact, I wish 361 Degrees would’ve gone with all bold, brash colorways. Along with grapes/silver, they could’ve added brights such as highlighter yellow, aqua blue and fuchsia.

You probably saw the two clips of Fisher telling his coaching staff and his players that he was fired before the show even aired. That was the biggest story about the Rams last year, and if you had already watched those two clips, you’ve seen the narrative high point of the show.

I’m a little biased. Watching Fisher get fired last season was kind of my moon landing as a longtime Rams fan. I wanted to see more of it from All or Nothing, and really, there was nothing else interesting about the Rams last year. But it gets short shrift here as a story arc. I realize that NFL Films didn’t have cameras following Eric Dickerson around last fall; maybe they should have.

This is reality show No. 3 for the Rams since relocating. Three Cheap Reversible Jerseys shows (including one focused on the personal lives of a handful of players) about a four-win team. All that screen time is consistent with the vision articulated by the team’s COO Kevin Demoff last year who sees their business as a content production company built around a football team.

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Few players struggled with the team’s losing ways more than he did.

Should that be the case, Hayward’s decision looks very, very different. The Jazz’s competitive advantage from possessing full Bird rights transforms from a gulf to a small gap of about $5.3 million, even if he picks up that fourth-year option. That amount of money should not be scoffed at or minimized, but it is substantially smaller than the $44.55 million overall disparity, about four percent of the overall contract value for those four years and less than three percent if he opts out after the third season. (For reference, that would be a difference of about $2,000 a year for someone with a $50,000 annual salary.)

With the financial component that close, Hayward should choose his team on a wider set of factors, including team competitiveness throughout the contract, quality of life and whatever Cheap Qmjhl Jerseys else matters to him. It is entirely possible that the Jazz represent the best combination of those considerations as well. After all, they finished with a 51-31 record despite their expected starting five only playing 14 games and 152 minutes together.

Why didn’t we get more Gurley? Few players struggled with the team’s Cheap Pro Jerseys losing ways more than he did. He even gave us some insight into a locker room where it sounded like tensions were running high with his “middle school offense” comment last season. That comment came around the same time as the atmosphere around the team was described to one national insider as being like a “junior high” for all its dysfunction.

Why he’s here: Yes, he spent some time on the DL, but he’s still second in the NL in rWAR among position players, and you can be pretty sure the guy hitting .393 in 225 PAs is going to get an invite to the All-Star game.

He drove with a friend through the night to Atlanta and arrived at 3 a.m. for the morning workouts. McCoil was one of 400 participants in the tryout, and that’s how he ended up with the Eskimos.

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Mark Buerhle had a sweet buzzing going in Game 3 of the World Series

So it has been said that baseball is social sport where fans go to spend time with friends and family and grab a cold hot dog and a flat beer. But who’s to say the players can’t enjoy the game the same way?

Apparently that’s exaclty what Mark Buehrle did in Game 3 of the 2005 World Series.

Also, go figure that a roast would include NSFW jokes. Did no one at NESN see the roast of Bob Saget? Flava Flav? Rosanne Barr? No one?

But apparently the people in attendance were uncomfortable with many of the jokes told.

“Anthony [Mackie] is here because we needed someone to be racist to and Adam Jones had a game tonight,” was one joke from Tiana that was not well received.

Either way, no one will get to see any more of these jokes as sad as Cheap Dream Team Jerseys that may be. One positive: The event raised money for the David Ortiz Children’s Fund.

Doncic is arguably the most productive underage player in Europe since Pau Gasol. At 6-8, he possesses point guard skills and immense basketball IQ while playing for Real Madrid in Spain. We’ll see how he develops over the course of the next year, but he’s absolutely a candidate to go No. 1 overall.

Bamba is a freaky long center at 7-feet with a 7-9 wingspan. He also has good hands and is already an elite rim protector. The key for him is finding a role on offense (likely becoming Cheap Embroidered NFL Jerseys stronger on rim runs) and filling out his frame. It’d also help if he played with more consistency. But the physical tools are there as he heads to Texas in the fall.

Is the jump shot for real? If he shoots 40 percent again from 3 next season, it’s game over for a lot of teams in Michigan State’s path.

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NBA Finals 2017: Steve Kerr says Game 4 ‘got out of hand’ in third quarter

The Cavaliers stayed alive in the NBA Finals with a 137-116 victory in Friday’s Game 4.

While LeBron James scored 31 points and Kyrie Irving added a game-high 40, the discussion after the game wasn’t about Cleveland’s multiple scoring records, but how the officials stole the spotlight.

Even with a Game 3 loss in the conference finals, the Cavaliers enter the Finals firing on all cylinders. Their “Big Three” of Love, Irving and James was outstanding in closing out the Celtics, and they’ve gotten some nice contributions from the likes of Kyle Korver and Deron Williams off the bench.

But they can’t keep pace with the Warriors, winners of 27 of their last 28 games, in terms of depth. The Cavs and Warriors went seven games last year, and Cleveland returns much the same lineup this time around. Golden State has lost Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes, but they brought in Durant, and Cheap Blue Jays Jerseys his playoff performance to date — 25.2 points on 55.6 percent shooting — has been exactly what the Warriors wanted when they signed him last July.

The NBA needs a good series here, and the mere fact that it’s a third straight matchup means it will be compelling. But the Warriors just have too much frontline talent.

After missing six games to injury his rookie year, Lewan has Cheap College Basketball Jerseys stayed mostly healthy and developed into one of the league’s better left tackles, making his first Pro Bowl last year. He’s also a notorious hothead who’s prone to Wholesalepenalties (including an ejection for shoving a referee), but the Titans will put up with that as long as he keeps locking down Marcus Mariota’s blind side.