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Panthers’ Cam Newton kept out of practice with sore shoulder

Cam Newton isn’t out of the woods with his shoulder injury just yet.

The Panthers quarterback is dealing with soreness in his throwing shoulder and was held out of Tuesday’s practice as a result, the team announced.

Coach Bruce Arians told reporters Tuesday that he won’t play any of his starters in the preseason opener against the Cowboys in Canton, Ohio. And when it comes to his quarterbacks, he won’t even let his backup play.

So it’ll be Blaine Gabbert running the show in the first half and Trevor Knight in the second as Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton save themselves for the Cards’ four remaining exhibitions leading up to the Sept. 10 season opener.

While fans likely won’t be thrilled about the lack of star power as the NFL finally returns, Arians and his staff will at least get a longer look at the players who figure to be on the fringes of the 53-man roster when final cuts arrive.

Beckham is by far the biggest star the NFL has to offer today. By the time his NFL career is over, he’s going to be the player with the longest lasting influence from his generation.

He’s the most recognizable player in the league. Part of it is because of his curly blonde hair. Part of it is his catches that make you starve for an instant replay. Part of it is because of his style on and off the field. It also helps that he plays on the biggest stage in New York.

Fans can relate to him outside of football as well. He gives fans a sense of how they imagine themselves living life as an NFL superstar. Nobody’s done that as well as he has since his arrival, and he’s just getting started.

Beckham produces numbers on the field that have made him one of the best receivers in the NFL since his arrival in 2014. But he’s already had a signature career play that put him on the map.

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