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Lakers are viewed as a ‘soft team’ according to coach Luke Walton

The Lakers lost another game Tuesday night as they now hold the second-worst record in the NBA. After falling to the Mavericks, coach Luke Walton said his team isn’t very intimidating.

“We still haven’t truly figured out how to make teams uncomfortable,” Walton Cheap Dodgers Jerseys said. “I think teams feel like when they play us right now, that we’re kind of a soft team, that they can come in and get their offensive numbers against us.

It was a rare peek into the private life of one of sports’ most public figures.

“I am addicted to the process. I’m addicted to the process,” James said. “It’s so funny. I just told my wife the other day, I apologized to her. She was like ‘What are you apologizing for?’ I said ‘Because the journey that I’m on to want to be the greatest to ever play this game or to the point where no one ever forgets what I accomplished, I’ve at times lost the fact of how important you are to this whole thing. … I want you to understand that along this journey while I’m playing this game there will be times that I lose the fact of how important you and my three kids are – my babies are.’”

James married his high-school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson, in 2013. The couple has two sons, LeBron Jr. (12), and Bryce (9), both burgeoning hoops stars in their own right, and a two-year-old Cheap DUKe Basketball Jerseys daughter named Zhuri.

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